Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time to wake-up :Political fall-out after Mumbai Attacks.

Political fall-out after terror attacks in Mumbai have set an example of disgusting system. Attack on mumbai is attack on India, but system has hardly shown any seriousness towards this.And thus, Government has failed in maintaining peace ,law and order in d country.

Administratinon's unpreparedness to deal with terror attacks ,has made our cities susceptible to these atteacks every now and then causing loss of life and property.And at such times the responses of many political leaders to events after the Mumbai tragedy have made us react in anger, cynicism and disbelief.

This is a good sign that general people are coming down hard on politicians. Mumbai people have shown agitation against ministers, father of Martyre Sandeep Unnikrishnan has not allowed Chief Minister to cross his gate, father of Martyre Mohan Chand Sharma refused to accept help from Amar Singh.

I wonder during this time of tragedy where are politicians like Raj Thackery hiding ? If he loves his state so much why does he not come in the open and voice his opinion .Does he feel threat only from people of other states and not outside India?And now is d time to take action, as a responsible citizen.

After each attack or some calamity Government just forms one comittee to safeguard its grounds and its all over.Now is d end of tolerence ,subtle speeches of Prime Minister and President are not going to extinguish d anger of common man.Every now and then Defence Forces are being called upon for help durin such attacks or natural calamities ,whereas politicians are busy with corruption and collection (..of votes and money) and if system is so ineffective let Army rule this country.For today is the need of young,honest and dynamic leaders and political parties cant raise such type of leaders then give up democracy and let someone arise as dictator.No matter if the people have to suffer some harsh punishment to get deciplined or see wars for the sake of peace but if the nation progresses then we are ready to suffer. Today we dont need assurances, we need results. Now is the time to remind these corrupt politicians dat if We can vote for them to selected ,We can also vote to kick them out.(..According to act under our constitution ,during time for voting ,we can confirm our identity and tell the election officer that we do not want to vote for anyone.)

To be very personal,I dont find any reason to hoist Indian flag outside Taj Hotel,coz it was no victory.They were just 10 terrorists and made entire nation crazy for 60 hrs.Lighting a candle in remberance of ppl who lost their lives in this tragedy,makes no sense;coz we have to keep their memories alive if we want to take revenge of what had happened.

Trust and confidence is rather a questioing which does not even arise at this point in time because politicians are actually not people we are dealing with....these are entities which are inhuman and insane enough to reap benefits from any and every situation , be it political, commercial, economical, social, geopolitical...... So lets not waste our time focusing on them and lets focus on the possible solutions by sticking together in this situation of grave threat!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ups and Downs of Life..

Today we are together,but some day we may depart forever.
Today we are having all fun,but some day we may have to face sun.
Today we may be scaling all heights,but some day we may have to face downslide.
Today there are many with whom our feelings we can share,but some day there might nobody to care.
Today we may be having all fame,but someday nobody might even recognize our fame.

Nobody in this world get everything he desires ,
Before he is satisfied the soul retires.
This is LIFE and there is a natural law,
Every perfection is accompanied by a flaw.
So dont ever be so overconfident,and be proud about what u have today,..
As u don't know when life might change its way.
All your possessions might disappear tomorrow,
All your joy will then turn to pain and sorrow.
Remember that there is always night after day..and..
day after night.
So always be consistent whether it is dark or bright.
These are all the ups and downs of LIFE..!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Have been thinking to begin wid blogs since long time !Finally could get rid of my laziness n here's my first blog....In profile,these ppl hav restrcited character length to 2100..,wich is so less...so, here i am in my first blog..TO START WITH..."About Me.."
hmmm..I bliv ppl Much before they do so nd abv all I gel myself wid any1 and every1 comfortably.. My FAMILY nd my FRENs are my Life-lines.. I have deep respect for my family.Ihave learned from life and know dat my family members are d only ones who'll stand wid me always.
I m nt into the habit of chhugli nd Lugar..If I feel smthin I'll let u knw, right on ur face. I am fun Luvin..FUNNY to be precise…I enjoyy every moment in life nd luk for happiness in every small occasion.. "I live to Laugh...I laugh to Live.." I am a music freak...Nd I've an Insatiable urge to hear it all..if u ask my fav den ...Well it depends on my Mood Basically...If I find it too good, it has to be a part of my collection asap. Have read sumwhere "MUSIC HEALS AND M OFTEN HURT.."..wich suits me.
I am a cleanliness freak too..I can't tolerate my things messed-up.. ..A confession: I think I cud hv done much better in my life so far....Always under-estimated myself! had I been a bit more serious at times, things wud certainly hv been different.But.Anyways..I am happy the way I am..nd wat I am.
Apart from all this,I hv gt a better understandin of human tendencies nd HUMANE NATURE than an average fellow. I cn luk into ur eyes nd I can knw the kinda person U r.........u'll never see me angry..rather me and anger are far apart..(..coz silence is my way of expressing anger..) ...My friends say m philosophical..but i believe m not actually philosophical but yup,I have sum principles in life wid wich i never compromise.
M also a chatter box,coz i love talking..n i love laughing.M always in hurry coz m always late.Rest of d time m confused about wats goin on around coz m very busy in ma own world nd to care about others.I live life at my own conditions and won't change myself for anyone.
I luv to dream.... I believe in d funda of "Live Life ,Stop Analysing It"